Friday, February 25, 2011

Long Island Vineyards & Wineries

こんな時は、気分だけでも暖かく、去年の夏に行ったNYのLong Islandにあるワイナリーを振り返ってみたいと思います。

Long IslandはManhattanから車で約2時間くらい。アメリカでワインといえばカリフォルニアって思っちゃいますが、実はLong Islandにも沢山のワイナリーがあります。

Long Island Vineyards & Wineries Map

まず最初に私たちが向かったワイナリーは、Pindar Vineyards

ここは、ワインリストをもらって自分の飲みたいワインにしるしをつけて、5種類までテイストできます。大衆的な雰囲気のカジュアルなワイナリーです。大人数でリムジンで来て、Bachelorette Partyをしてる女の子達もいましたよ!とっても楽しそうでした。

次に向かったワイナリーは、Shinn Estate Vineyards


ここでは、テイスティング付きのVineyardsのツアーに参加。オーガニック製法や土に与える栄養分へのこだわり、色々と説明してくれましたが、、、このころには飲みすぎてボーっとしてました(笑)。半分くらいは聞いたかな。Bed & Breakfast もやっているので、今度はゆっくり1泊したいです。もっとワイン沢山飲めるしね。。。







It is getting warmer little by little but spring has not come yet.
To warm up myself in this cold weather, I want to share a trip that we made to Long Island vineyards & wineries last summer.

It was a perfect day for walking around beautiful vineyards.

The first place we went to was Pindar Vineyards
They offer you a tasting of 5 different kinds of wine, which you can select from a list they give you.  It is quite a lot to select from so you might wanna tell them what you like to narrow down your selections.
It was a nice casual place.  It got pretty crowded when we left.  We enjoyed this place very much.

The next place we visited was Shinn Estate Vineyards
I fell in love with everything there.  It is a very sophisticated place as you can see in the photos.
We took a vineyard tour, which comes with a wine tasting.  You can start from the tasting in the nice seating area before the tour, or you can do the tasting after the tour.  If you cannot finish your wine before the tour starts, you can actually have your glass while you are enjoying the tour, which I ended up doing.  They have B&B so we'll come back to stay one night for sure!

On the way back to Brooklyn, we bought some fresh fruits and vegetables for BBQ at our backyard.  It was so delicious!

The last photo on this post was taken at the beach near the vineyards.  Beautiful, isn't it?

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