Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sprout Home

友人へのプレゼントにBrooklynにある花屋 Sprout Home に行ってきました。鮮やかで、可愛いらしい花が沢山。造りすぎていないカジュアルな感じがとてもブルックリンの町に合っていて、素敵な花屋です。NYの街角のデリ等ではあまり見かけない、珍しい色や形の花もあってお勧めです。



Sprout Home
44 Grand Street,
Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 388-4440

We had some snow on April 1st.  Was it a joke of April Fool?  Anyway, this weekend is great.  Finally, I fell like Spring is around the corner.  We went to a flower shop Sprout Home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to get some flowers for our friend's birthday.  They had very unique flowers that you don't really see in NY delis.   They made a beautiful arrangement for us.  Very naturally composed as if those flowers were just picked in a garden!

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