Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paulie Gee's

ピザ専門のレストラン Paulie Gee's を紹介します。Brooklyn, Greenpoint にあります。


お店の内装をデザインしたのは、以前紹介した Manhattan InnVan Leeuwen を手がけた hOmE です。ヴィンテージの木や家具を使ったインテリアデザインを得意とする兄弟です。

こちら ( ↑ ) は定番の Regina です。

こちらは ( ↑ ) 、Baconmarmalade An Egg。ディナーでは卵なしで出しています。どちらも美味しいです。


Paulie Gee's
60 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tel: (347) 987-3747

Paulie Gee's is a Pizza Joint located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Their pizza is amazing.  We've been there so many times but nothing has disappointed us.  The atmosphere is also very nice.  The space was designed by hOmE who also designed Manhattan Inn & Van Leeuwen.  

Our favorite, so far, is Regina, Greenpointer, Cherry Jones and Baconmarmalade.  But everything we had there is great, so I am sure other pizza are delicious as well.

The owner is very friendly.  He comes to every table and communicate with his customer to see if they are happy with his pizza.   Highly recommended!

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